About Us

Dr. Chapman

 The founder of Chapman Academy of Peak Performance Dr. Eddie Nathaniel Chapman is an empowering educator. He has a Doctorate  (Psy.D) in Clinical Psychology, a Master’s in Psychology from Carlos Ablizu University, a Master’s in Counselor Education from Florida International University. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Psychology. 

He draws on his diverse experience as a mental health professional, higher education administrator, military leader, and his seven-year professorship teaching a variety of courses including positive psychology to train and develop people to achieve at their highest level. 

Dr. Chapman has been leading, coaching and counseling people for about 10 years. His experiences in these areas include various population such as Army ROTC college cadets, Army Soldiers, Student Athletes, Educators and Couples.

Overall Dr. Chapman has over 17 years of experience helping people grow. He has various certifications and has extensively training in the psychology of human behavior and motivation.

Our mission

 ChapApp helps people LEAP forward by optimizing their level of achievement in various areas including romance, sales, academics and athletics! Our dynamic process uses the science of psychology to teach participants the key ingredients necessary to maximize achievement. We help clients cultivate and implement these strength based skills to excel at their goals. We teach these game changing skills through online courses or in person workshops designed to produce results. In addition, we do facilitate live presentations on the science of maximizing achievement and provide more intimate consulting with leadership teams, and employees. 


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