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ChapAPP is  dedicated to helping people LEAP forward, by providing researched based material that cultivate peak performance.  Sign up for a course now, and Learn Explore and Accelerate your Performance today!

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Enhance your leadership skills by discovering your personal strengths and learning how to apply them at work. We offer online courses, assessments, and leadership coaching.


Learn skills that will strengthen your relationships. Attend one of our  West Virginia Day Dates, or purchase a  couples coaching package.


Accelerate your performance on the court or the field. We offer peak performance coaching for athletes. 

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

Join us in San Diego, Califorina for a couples workshop based on the work of New York Times best selling author Dr. John Gottman.


What are your True Colors?

Inquiry about our engaging and entertaining True Colors Keys to Personal Success Workshops, and online assessments.

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Sign up for one of our exciting couples workshops today!


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